Ladies Golf Section

The Ladies Golf Section of Port Shepstone Country Club is extremely active and competes with the best on the Coast and further afield.
The Club is always on the look out for new members and encourages visitors to participate in the competitions. Several of the ladies are amongst the top golfers on the Coast.

Ladies Golf Newsletter - 6th August 2021

Ladies Golf Captain - Jenny Hulley 

2020 Ladies Golf Committee and their duties

Captain: Jenny Hulley
Secretary & Handicapper: Barbara Rousseau
Treasurer: Liana Klopper
Committee Members: Kim Strauss, Cilla Lindsay & Ilse Steyn

August 2021:

Nummy Deane Trophy Winner Vicki Nott & WGSA Beekman Medal Winners Vicki Nott & Jen Hulley

Wilkinson Cup Winner: Yzelle Greyling with Ladies Golf Captain Jenny Hulley

April 2021:

The following trophies were awarded for 2020:
Matchplay Champion: Kim Strauss (right below) 
Lila Smit Winners: Cecelia Verster (centre below) & Anni Stoppel (not available for photo)
Most Improved PLayer: Jennifer Duncan (left below)

Results from Thursday 29th April - 4 Ball Alliance (2 scores to count)

Winners: Ilse Steyn, Barbara Rousseau, Jennifer Duncan & Jenny Hulley 91 points .

We were delighted to have Melissa Eaton & Angie Milroy join us for our ladies golf yesterday and hope to see 
them on a regular basis.

February 2021:
The Cecily McKenzie Trophy - 2021 Results 

Winners: Ilse Steyn & Jenny Hulley 73 points, 2nd Matatiele 71 & 3rd Debi Stewart and Yzelle Greyling 70 points ..
Winners of the Southern Coastal Region Meet - 4 Ball Alliance Trophy .. 
Anni Stoppel, Barbara Rousseau, Augie D’Ewes (SCR Treasurer), Jenny Hulley & Jennifer Duncan

May 2019:
Winners of the SA Women's Masters Pro Am ..
Cilla Lindsay, Jane Lind, Anne Baldrey ..
Seen here with the PRO - Brittany Fey Berger

Results from Thursday 17th September .. ◾Roberta Dennis Trophy 4BBBS:

Cecelia Verster & Annie Stoppel - 45 points
Gloria Lundie & Ilse Steyn - 43 points
Karen Olivant - 8th hole


2018 KZNLGA Ladies Interclub: 24-27 October 2018

Many thanks to Jenny Vogt and Liana Klopper for the evening Decor.

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